Musial Awards honorees are recognized from all over the country for their extraordinary displays of sportsmanship and overall class and character. The 2021 honorees will be announced in October.
2015 Honorees
Arnold Palmer Stan Musial Lifetime Achievement Award for Sportsmanship Latrobe, Pennsylvania  
Lauren Hill Musial Award for Extraordinary Character Awarded Posthumously  
Ernie Johnson Atlanta, Georgia  
Mike Matheny St. Louis, Missouri  
Tim Smyczek Tampa, Florida  
Chase Vazquez, Scooter Terrien & Miles Rodriguez Kenosha, Wisconsin  
Keaton Hamin Winnipeg, Manitoba  
Virginia & Loyola Marymount Rowing Charlottesville, Virginia & Los Angeles, California  
Matt Woodrum & John Blaine Worthington, Ohio  
Wichita State Cheerleading Wichita, Kansas  
Jason Boulais Cocoa, Florida