Last fall, Skyline High School in Scottsboro, Ala., shut down its football program due to injuries and waning interest.  Principal Kevin Dukes was left with a locker room full of uniforms and equipment and no team.  Enter Central-Haynesville High School – located four hours away.  Fire destroyed the rural Alabama school’s field house in late September.  All of the football team’s uniforms and equipment were inside.  The fire happened on a Tuesday morning and Central had a game to play three days later.  Dukes heard about the tragedy and wanted to help.  As luck would have it, Skyline and Central had the same green-and-white school colors.  So Dukes drove to Montgomery to give Skyline’s football uniforms and equipment to Central Athletic Director and interim football coach Toriano Baker.  Other schools stepped up and provided shoulder pads, footballs, coolers and mouthpieces.  However, Skyline’s offer had the greatest impact on Central’s players.  When they took the field, the uniforms were a perfect fit.  Baker told local media:  “I am still in shock and we have all been overwhelmed by the concern that has been shown to our school since the fire.  Mr. Dukes told me that if their uniforms could help our kids’ situation, then that is what he and his school wanted to do.  He didn’t know me or our players but he cared about them.  He and others who stepped forward have taught all of us a valuable lesson about kindness.  This is why we’re in this business.”  Dukes deflected credit, saying it was the right thing to do.  For the Skyline principal, helping kids is his motivation and their success is his reward.