As coach of Silex High’s girls basketball team, Sabrina knew that their opponents from Louisiana High had struggled to field a team. Facing each other on Louisiana’s senior night, the Bulldogs lost a player to illness right after tipoff. When a second was injured and a third fouled out, Louisiana was down to four players. To ensure a level playing field, Sabrina pulled one of her players from the court. And when yet another player from Louisiana fouled out in the final moments, she again removed one of her own players, ensuring a fairly earned victory for her Owls.

“Success isn’t always defined by how many wins and losses you have,” Sabrina says. “It’s the kind of person you are 20 years from now. Basketball provides a good opportunity to teach kids about life lessons. And I think that was a good opportunity for them to learn.”

“I'm so proud of my kids when I see them doing the right thing without somebody watching, if they don't even know I'm there... And it's only right for me to do the same thing. I have to lead by example.” Sabrina O'Heron