Rashawn King is a graduate of Middle Creek High School in Apex, N.C., where he excelled in football and basketball.  He made headlines last school year when he chose to play football while undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia.  Many young people were inspired by his courage and will to maintain a normal life.  His story caught the attention of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, which contacted him and offered to grant a wish.  Like any teenager, Rashawn jumped at the opportunity.  He asked to meet and hang out with Miami Heat forward LeBron James during NBA All-Star Weekend last February.  But Rashawn had a rather abrupt change of heart.  He told the News & Observer, “I had made a selfish wish.  I had a chance to really touch people and I was missing it.  Why not give back to the people who cared for me?  They helped me.  Why not say, ‘Thank you?’”  Rashawn resubmitted his request to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  Instead of hanging out with LeBron, he asked for lunch to be provided to the more than 1,900 students, faculty and staff at Middle Creek.  So last spring, Chick-fil-A provided a free meal for Rashawn’s entire school, which was appropriately decorated for the celebration.  Make-A-Wish officials were moved by Rashawn’s generosity.  Kristen Johnson, president of Make-A-Wish of Eastern North Carolina, told the News & Observer, “We’ve never had a wish like this.  We’ve never had anyone who wanted to share his wish with this many people.”  Rashawn showed inspiration is a two-way street.  The Middle Creek community stood by him – and inspired him – when times were tough.  His football teammates organized a fundraiser for him and his family.  Countless cards, balloons and well-wishes adorned his room as he was recovering.  A consistent stream of visitors let Rashawn know he was not in this fight alone.  And he gave so much back by raising the bar on what it means to be selfless and thoughtful of others.  Rashawn won’t let up.  In continuing his education and playing basketball now at North Carolina Central University, he remains an inspiration to all.