In August 2011, 11-year-old Nick Smith was selected to take a shot for $50,000 at a charity hockey event in Minnesota.  From almost 90 feet away, the puck amazingly traveled through the tiny hole placed on the goal line.  But as it turned out, it wasn’t Nick who took the shot.  He was actually outside the hockey rink when his raffle ticket was drawn.  So in his place he had told his twin brother Nate to take the shot if he was lucky enough to be selected.  Sure enough, Nate accomplished the improbable feat.  Pat Smith, the boys’ father, told the Associated Press, “It didn’t even dawn on me he (Nate) was going to make it.”  In the hours after the contest, the Smiths had second thoughts.  It just didn’t seem right to collect the money knowing that the person who made the shot wasn’t the one selected in the drawing.  Pat said, “You could tell they (the boys) weren’t feeling right about it.”  So the next day, Pat told event organizers about the switch.  They would forego receiving the $50,000.  Being honest and upfront carried more value.  Fortunately, not all was lost.  The company that insured the contest decided to donate $20,000 to youth hockey in Minnesota in the boys’ names.  In the end, the honesty and selflessness the Smith Family showed will benefit Nate, Nick and a whole host of children in their community.