Camp Kilpatrick is a juvenile detention center in Malibu, Calif.  It served as the inspiration for the 2006 film Gridiron Gang.  Courts assign young men to the facility after they commit mostly minor offenses such as petty theft, vandalism or marijuana possession.  Yet many of the inmates are members of the notorious Bloods and Crips gangs.  This pre-adversarial relationship makes fostering teamwork next to impossible.  Kilpatrick basketball coach Kurt Keller tackled the impossible head-on.  He told Sports Illustrated, “At the start of a season, some of my guys would rather shoot at each other than pass to each other.”  Keller, however, has found a way to foster an atmosphere of good sportsmanship and character.  The evidence of his work shone through last season when Kilpatrick won the 6A Division championship and made the California high school playoffs.  More impressive than the Mustangs’ win-loss record was the respect and discipline they showed on the court.  After each game, league coaches rate the opposing team on sportsmanship.  Kilpatrick made such an impression on other teams that the league recognized the Mustangs with its annual Sportsmanship Award.  The team’s success and improved character seemed to rub off on its most adversarial fans as well.  Keller saw a remarkable difference.  “You could look up in the stands and see Bloods sitting near Crips, all of them cheering for our kids.”  Players change often at Kilpatrick, but the message does not.  Anyone can be successful when given an opportunity and direction.