With equal parts determination and positive attitude, Trevor became one of the most popular athletes in Missouri high school wrestling history. He finished his senior year at Marquette High School as the 2007 state runner-up with a 44-4 mark in the 112-pound weight class. Trevor takes great pride in that remarkable record of success. The fact that he accomplished so much without fully-formed legs is something that matters little to him. Born with tibial displacement, a condition that prevents the primary bones in the lower legs from completely developing, Trevor’s legs were amputated just above the knee when he was one. But handicapped was never something Trevor allowed himself or others to view him as. Having jumped off the highest structure he could climb by the time he was three, he is not one to let obstacles stand in his way. After joining the Marquette wrestling team as a sophomore, Trevor struggled, losing his first eight junior varsity matches. But he persevered, collecting a 24-16 record and a trip to state as a junior before rising to the top of the 112-pound weight class in 2007. Respected on the mat by coaches, teammates and opponents, Trevor is admired by his classmates. He was voted Marquette’s homecoming king in 2006. He will attend college in the fall, where he hopes to study forensics and psychology, and continue wrestling.

Trevor Bunch was recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations.