As one of Ohio’s top high school pole vaulters, Travis knows how it feels to reach the highest heights. As a burn victim, he also remembers how it feels at the lowest lows. When he was nine, Travis was seriously burned in a campfire accident. Doctors told him he would never be able to participate in sports because of the multiple skin grafts that would be required. But Travis battled back. Not only has he participated in sports, he has excelled. He earned honors in football and wrestling, and last year, he placed second in the Ohio state high school pole vault competition. To get from the valley to the peak took personal dedication and hard work, but it also required the encouragement and help of others, which Travis never forgets. Hoping to somehow return the favor, Travis was eager to help when he heard that a 10-year-old in his hometown had been seriously burned. The Clinton-Massie High School graduate befriended Kevin Hayslip, a student at Clinton-Massie Elementary. The two quickly formed a special bond. Eager to inspire his young friend and show him that he can overcome his injuries and accomplish anything, Travis presented Kevin with his silver medal from the 2006 state track tournament. Word of Travis’ actions reached the Ohio High School Athletic Association, which honored Travis and Kevin during a special ceremony at the 2007 Ohio Division IV boys basketball championship game. For his winning spirit and compassion off the field, Travis was awarded a new medal to replace the one he gave to Kevin.

Travis Jones was recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations.