As a high school soccer coach and elementary school physical education teacher, Marvin Stoner has made sportsmanship a point of emphasis for the young athletes he mentors.  With more than 25 years of coaching experience at Southmoreland High School in Scottdale, Pa., Marvin has built the varsity soccer program upon the cornerstone of character development.  His players are known for their propensity to help opponents up off the ground, shaking their hands, and congratulating them for their play, no matter the score.  A 36-year teaching veteran, Marvin encourages his elementary school students to attend soccer games and look for examples of good and bad sportsmanship.  He frequently shares the students’ comments with his varsity team, thereby helping both groups learn the importance of sportsmanship and its effect on others.  Marvin was named the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association District 7 “Sportsmanship Coach of the Year” in 2003 and his teams have been recognized three times by the PIAA for their exemplary sportsmanship.  Honored as PIAA Coach of the Year for his section five times, Marvin and another coach tied for the award in 2007 after an initial round of voting.  Marvin felt the other coach should be recognized for his hard work and campaigned successfully to make that happen.  Marvin has also dedicated his time to the Pennsylvania State Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance, serving as president in 2007.

Marvin is being recognized by the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.