A remarkable act of sportsmanship occurred when Manchester and East Catholic high schools (Manchester, Conn.) continued their fierce wrestling rivalry last year.  East Catholic led Manchester in a dual meet with four matches to go.  But East Catholic was on the verge of losing the meet because the team did not have any wrestlers available to compete in the remaining weight classes.  So Manchester coach Lou LaGuardia turned the tables.  He decided his team would forfeit the final four matches, resulting in no points being awarded to either squad.  Instead of a win for Manchester, the meet concluded with a 30-24 East Catholic victory.  Manchester displayed sportsmanship in its purest form.  The school showed respect to an opponent for a superior performance.  After all, East Catholic had won every match in the meet in which it had a wrestler compete.  Manchester felt its opponent had deserved and earned victory.  The actions of LaGuardia and his team made a lasting impression on East Catholic coach Jason Marsh.  He told the North-Central Connecticut Journal Inquirer, “This speaks volumes about the coaching staff and the athletic department over there.  Once again, these guys proved to me why they have such class and sportsmanship.  It’s not about winning.  It’s about what the kids can learn.”  Rivalries are not about hatred of the other team, but love of the game.  Manchester proved that its love of wrestling far exceeds the numbers on any scoreboard.