Sportsmanship seems to be inherent to the game of tennis.  It is one of the few sports where an athlete must practice, warm up and regularly converse with opponents.  Tennis players understand that the game requires serve and volley.  Give and take is essential to success.  Jocelyn Fischer of Adirondack Community College (Queensbury, N.Y.) embodies this understanding.  She is the winner of the 2010 NJCAA Lea Plarski Award.  The Plarski Award recognizes the student-athlete who exemplifies sportsmanship, leadership, and community service and academic excellence, coupled with athletic ability and achievement.  Known for her energy, enthusiasm and incredible work ethic, Fischer proudly wore the title of captain for the Adirondack tennis team.  She was the No. 1 singles and No. 2 doubles finalist the past two seasons in Region 3 of the Mountain Valley Conference.  Off the court, Fischer maintained excellent grades while working as a volunteer Critical-Care EMT with the Hague, N.Y., Volunteer Department and Warrensburg, N.Y., EMS.  Moreover, she created training videos to help instruct fellow EMS staff members and students.  The two-time Adirondack Female Athlete of the Year also found time to volunteer at the Silver Bay YMCA giving tennis lessons and teaching weight training classes among other courses.  In addition to her tennis accomplishments, she has completed two triathlons and holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo.  In the past year, Fischer became a certified New York State firefighter and graduated from nursing school.  She will continue to use her skills to help others and recently accepted a job as an ER nurse at a hospital in Troy, N.Y.  Sports open many doors for student-athletes.  Jocelyn Fischer utilizes her considerable talent and character to hold those doors for others.

Jocelyn Fischer is the recipient of the NJCAA’s Lea Plarski Award.