Affton High School sophomore Daniel Crum is the first legally blind person to ever play on the school’s golf team.  Crum is thought to be the only legally blind high school golfer in Missouri.  Doctors discovered a brain tumor on his optic nerve when he was two years old.  Even after treatment, some parts of the tumor remain.  Corrective glasses help some, and Crum has been able to make adjustments when participating in sports.  He enjoys wiffle ball, flag football and basketball.  However, golf has a special place in his heart.  He told Sally Tippett Rains of the Affton-Shrewsbury Patch, “I like golf because it’s something I can play, even with my disability.”  Crum can’t see out of his left eye or from the middle of his right eye to his nose.  He lacks peripheral vision.  Despite the challenges, Crum plays by the same rules as every other golfer.  He receives no special help except to have someone spot this ball.  Affton Athletic Director Dan Oliver paid Crum a tremendous and simple compliment:  “He is a great kid,” Oliver said.  Leaving that type of impression on people will take Daniel Crum further in life than his driver ever will.